Loknete Dr. J. D. Pawar College of Pharmacy

Anti Ragging Cell

Ragging is an offence under MAHARASHTRA PROHIBITION OF RAGGING ACT, 1999 which defines ragging as:

RAGGING “Causing , inducing , compelling or forcing a student, whether by way of practical joke or otherwise, to do any act which detracts from human dignity or violates his/her person or exposes him/her to ridicule from doing any lawful act. By intimidating, wrongfully restraining, wrongfully confining, or injuring him or by using criminal force on him/her or by holding out to him/her any threat of intimidation, wrongful confinement, injury or the use of criminal force.”
Ragging in all its forms is totally banned in this institution including in its department, constituents units, all its premised (academic, residential, sports, cafeteria, etc) whether located within the campus or outside and in all means of transportation of students whether public or private. The institution shall take strict action including but not limited to criminal proceeding and /or cancellation of admission against those found guilty of dragging and /or of abetting ragging and the burden of proof shall hereby lie on the perpetrator of alleged ragging and not on the victim. An offence of Ragging may be charged either on a written complaint by the affected or on independent finding or the Anti Ragging Squad.
The College is bound by the UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions 2009.”
In order that no incidence of Ragging is ever reported at Loknete Dr. J. D. Pawar College of Pharmacy, Manur. The College has founded an Anti-Ragging Committee which governs the prevention of any means of Ragging either within or outside the college.


Mr. Gajanan K. SonjeLocal Representative9422268711
Mr. Babanrao PatolePolice Officer-
Mr. Kishor N. PagarJournalist8888205305
Mr. Vilas D. ShiroreNGO Member9422942259
Mr. Mitesh P. SonawaneTeaching Staff Member9604399101
Smt. Sarika M. Kamble9850115505
Mr. Shravan T. Aher
Parents Representative9422754125
Mr. Prakash Kalawadiya9028111234
Mr. Vivek H. BorseNon Teaching Staff Member7588015385
Mr. Gaurav V. PawarStudent Representative-
Ms. Akanksha A. Sonawane-
Dr. Avish D. MaruPrincipal9422763134


Dr. Avish D. MaruPrincipal9422763134
Mr. Mitesh P. SonawaneTeaching Staff Member9604399101
Smt. Sarika M. KambleTeaching Staff Member9850115505
Mr. Rajendra K. SurwaseTeaching Staff Member9970260419
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